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In The Beginning: It was 1998 and three very good friends (Sheena, Sara and Lance) had been playing bondage games for more than 10 years. At least once a week they would get together and Lance would dare the girls to partake in escape challenges. The ladies embraced the tests and always gave it everything they had to free themselves.

In the beginning they often foiled Lance's efforts to hold them but as he became a more experienced rigger the found themselves stuck in tight ropes more often than not. Gags were added so as to not bother the neighbors with the girls screams and grunts as they worked against their restraints. Lance liked blindfolds so he could take care of business while the girls struggled so they were often added.

In December of 1998 just for fun the threesome took some photos and posted them on the web. The response was truly overwhelming ... tons of emails later they decided to take photos of their weekly games and create a website ... it's Love Bondage so calling Sara and Sheena "the SweetTies" was a natural.

The girls loved each other and their interaction was fun and exciting. They captured each other and gave into Lance when he burst into the room and demanded "the code" or whatever fantasy that was the theme of the evening. Over the years other ladies happily joined in the bondage games including top fetish models like Eve Ellis ... who still comes over and hangs out with us!

SweetTies has evolved over these past years but even the oldest content is still on the site. Some of those innocent early photos are among our absolute favorites ... depicting truly naive people playing at something they loved. The photos and videos we post today are higher tech and quality ... and the best part is that the consensual power exchange .. the fun and games of love bondage still prevails.

We hope you enjoy SweetTies ... more than 80,000 photos and in excess of 700 videos have been shot and posted over the past 11 years. I guarantee you hours and hours of enjoyment as you explore SweetTies.

Our current-day philosophy: If there was an official listing of categories that described types of bondage, SweetTies would be considered Love Bondage. It is all about the consentual exchange of power between consenting adults. The photos and videos we produce are given careful thought and are designed for both men and women who view bondage as a recreational diversion, a fantasy with a happy ending, a game where everyone wins.

Any themes of force or danger are presented to create a sense of drama. These situations are so obviously far fetched and tongue-in-cheek that they cannot be taken more seriously than a television show or pulp fiction novel.

Anyone who is looking for the dark side of bondage should move on ...what you are seeking will not be in these pages. But if you are seeking beautiful women who relish playing bondage games with men they love then you are in exactly the right place. Our bondage is secure, the gags are real. The models find their bondage physically and spiritually pleasing.

We wouldn't have it any other way!
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June 21, 2018
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May 24, 2018
April 12, 2018
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March 29, 2018
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"I must tell you that I have no words for the quality and quantity of your work, not to mention your beauty (Lance, beauty's not your corner of the market... but you can drive that camera, booooyyeee!!). I'm glad I joined. I don't think other such sites have a prayer when compared to you guys"

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"I can't tell you how long I've hoped for a site "like yours". when I saw Sheena's arms flexing out of that white nightgown with extended shoulders, I nearly had a coronary... and I'm a long-distance cyclist and runner, for cryin' out loud!! Take it EASY!!"

» Phil

"We have always found that the material produced by those with a sincere interest in the subject is by far the best. Your playful and fun attitude toward bondage clearly shows and it is refreshing."

» Ray

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"Here's a testimonial from a supremely satisfied member...
We have always found that the material produced by those with a sincere interest in the subject is by far the best. Your playful and fun attitude toward bondage clearly shows and it is refreshing."

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